20 Tips to Cheaper Auto Insurance

It is a gross understatement to say that your car, age, driving and claims history are the main factors affecting your vehicle insurance premiums. Modern policies look at so many different things today that it may be easier to find cheap auto insurance than you think. Here are twenty reasons for you.

1. Increase voluntary deductibles. Most policies come with low deductibles and you can save money by increasing them a bit voluntarily. Check to see how much you can bring the costs down.

2. Do you drive lower than average. Many people do but don’t know they can save money for doing so. If you are taking the subway for work everyday and not taking long inter-state road trips you are unlikely to drive a lot.

3. Buy other policies. Most insurance carriers sell different types of policies like home, content, motorcycle and business. If you have one of these already you can approach the company to see if they will offer special deals for moving car insurance to them as well.

4. Pay the premium in advance. You don’t want to pay hefty interest on top of your premium. So, pay the premium in full and remember to ask discounts for doing so. Most firms offer around fiver percent savings.

5. Buy online. When you do it yourself on the Internet you are saving money for insurers that they usually say thank you by offering around five and ten percent discounts.

6. Search for better rates. Not only you can get cheaper rates from other companies but also you can get your current insurer to drop their rates. If you don’t ask you don’t know what you can get.

7. Have an Immobiliser or Tracker fitted. Don’t think that these are for expensive automobiles. Thieves are looking for easy targets as well. Check with your insurer if they will give you discounts for these devices.

8. Take the advanced driving test. Passing such tests isn’t just good for your ego but also helps you save money on premiums. So, why not hit two birds with one stone.

9. Don’t overestimate the value of your vehicle. They will only pay the open market value of it and believe me they know how much it is worth at any given time. So, there is no point in listing it higher than its worth and paying more money to insure it.

10. Look after your credit. It is increasingly becoming important in your life anyway that you could do well with keeping a high credit score, including getting affordable automobile insurance quotes.

11. Insure your car Liabilities only. When you have an old banger you don’t really need to insure it for collision and comprehensive coverage. What you would want to do instead is to buy sufficient liabilities cover.

12. Keep a clean driving history. There has to be a difference between a driver who follows the traffic rules and who keep breaking it and surely there is. Keep a clean driving license and save on Insurance.

13. Remove unnecessary drivers. For example, you may  have a teen driver who never drive the auto anymore on your policy. Offloading him/her will reduce the premium.

14. Young drivers should add an older driver. You can still buy the policy on your name but add an older person with clean driving license and you can save money.

15. Protect your no-claims discount. You can buy an accident forgiveness cover to protect your built up no-claim bonus and keep saving money.

16. Avoid claims. If you don’t have no claims history why not start building it from today. Each year you don’t make claims you save money.

17. Buy a car with lower insurance group. Each vehicle is rates for insurance and grouped in a class. You can quickly find out how expensive to insure the auto you are considering buying.

18. Join an auto club. Most clubs have special relations and discounts from insurers. Join one and enjoy savings.

19. Add your spouse on the policy. Insurance companies love married people and give them discounts. If you haven’t done so or recently married add your spouse onto your policy.

20. Take pass plus. You could get up to twenty five percent discounts by taking Pass Plus if you are a young driver.