Auto Insurance Discounts

There are at least twenty ways of getting cheap auto insurance and you should make the most of them. You may ask why should you need to know them since your car insurance company would give them to you automatically. It may or may not be the case and even it is the level of discounts aren’t equal between two different carriers. Your aim should be to find the highest level of discounts for the cheapest price.

No-claim discount is probably the biggest and most obvious one. It is available to policyholders who haven’t had any claims in the last 3 years for many firms and 5 for some. The great thing about this discount is that you start getting discounts after first year without any claim and reach to maximum amount after 3 years. Another great thing about it is that anyone with no claims can go to any company in the whole market and get affordable premium quotes.

Car safety and security features discounts are becoming popular lately since they can prevent accidents and auto thefts quite effectively. Reducing the chance of a loss or claim means that reducing risks for insurers and getting lower rates for yourself. Furthermore, you would have a vehicle that can protect you and your family better on the roads. That is why it is worth investing on a new car with latest safety features.

Good driver discounts are rewarded to those motorists who hasn’t had any point on their licenses and don’t have traffic moving violation tickets. They are considered safe just like the cars and therefore offered lower premiums than others. Age of drivers listed is key to getting the lowest prices. The situation would be reversed when you have a young driver in the family.

Association and Club Discounts have nothing to do with driving but they are easy pickings if you are member of a club or association. Several companies have special relationships with car clubs and professional associations and offer the members good car insurance deals. However, you should always keep in mind that other companies can still beat the quotes from those companies that offer special discounts. Don’t be taken by a small discount and lose a lot more somewhere else.

Safe parking discount is related to where you park your vehicle at night. When it is parked safely in front of your house or even better in the garage the risk of it being damaged or stolen is reduced and hence the savings offered. So, it is worth adding the private parking requirements when you are searching for your next home.

Loyalty discount is a tricky one in many ways. First of all, you need to be with the company for several years before they offer special savings. Secondly, it may not be enough to stay with them just because of a five or ten percent savings, especially if it is an expensive company in comparison with the rest.

So, you should always get yourself a few automobile insurance quotes before counting your discounts. It is the overall savings that count more than one or two small sweeteners.